Welcome. Bienvenue. I’m glad you’re here.

Ok, so I finally created a web site for my photography. Call it egotistical. Call it vanity. Call it an over-late attempt to do something more serious with this love affair that’s been going on since 1998.

I’m not sure if it’s cliche, but most everyone I know in the advertising/design world has an alternate form in which they express their creativity. I know many artists who are also musicians, account execs who paint, writers who, when they aren’t drinking too much, make photographs. The latter is me of course, minus the drinking part.

In this blog, I promise to occasionally talk about the things that interest me in the hopes that they will interest you as well. If not, you will not hurt my feelings by quietly slipping out the back. Or by loudly leaving your dissent in a comment. I do have say over what gets published, after all.

In the end, this is about photography. The making of if. The enjoying of it. I love to learn new things, so please share with me what you are doing, new images, new photographers you are enjoying. I guess that’s what this space is about.



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