Keeping an open mind to love

Fourteen years ago, when I took up photography more seriously, I spent all my time trying to emulate the crystal clear, grain-free infinite depth of field images made famous by Ansel Adams and his peers. My rudimentary equipment, the conditions I would shoot in and my own lack of skill and understanding made replicating those kinds of images impossible.

Instead I would consistently produce these grainy, soft ultimately disappointing images. Fast-forward a few years and into the digital age. My camera is infinitely better, my lenses sharper, my skills improved (though I’m constantly reminded how much I have to learn). Producing razor sharp images is not only easier, replicating the grainy look of true film is now the challenge. Yes, my photoshop skills are lame. And that’s the funny part.

I recently found a roll of film I’d shot who knows when but never processed. After processing, I scanned a few images and realized how much I now love those characteristics I used work so hard to eliminate. It’s a reminder to keep an open mind to things because you never know when the thing that drives you mad might become the very thing you can’t live without.




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